Brain Injury Attorney Shane Smith Details Resources Available From The Brain Injury Association of Georgia.

Experiencing a traumatic brain injury from a Grayson auto accident can be a life changing experience. It can happen when you least expect it. It happens to innocent drivers and passengers when they are going to school, work or to run an error. When a negligent driver fails to uphold their duty to keep their motor vehicle or truck in their lane and veers into the opposing lane or lanes, serious injuries can result, including a traumatic brain injuries.

Gwinnett County Brain injury attorney Shane explains how debilitating a traumatic brain injury can be for victims of a Georgia auto accident. The effects of a traumatic brain injury are often life-changing and can require around the clock medical services. This puts stress on the patient and their family members. Shot and long-term problems a family member may suffer from a traumatic brain injury include:

  • Limited ability to perform basic mental functions
  • Compromised memory functions including an inability to learn new skills or remembering family members’ names
  • An inability to taste, smell or otherwise have compromised senses
  • Depression, anger or personality changes that are clinically diagnosed due to the traumatic brain injury.

The Law Offices of Shane Smith can evaluate all of the circumstances related to the Georgia auto accident or other Gwinnett county personal injury incident that may have caused you or your family member’s traumatic brain injury. Grayson brain injury attorney Shane Smith will document all of your individual circumstances and see if you or your family member warrants a personal injury claim to recover based on the Georgia traumatic brain injury. Call (770) 487-8999 to schedule your free consultation to protect your legal rights!

Obtain Help Through Georgia Recovery Funds

The Brain Injury Association of Georgia has many resources to help those injured from a traumatic brain injury. Your Gwinnett County accident attorney Shane Smith can help you obtain justice through the Georgia Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund. Approved by Georgia voters in 1998, and put into law, the fund was created for the sole purpose of helping innocent victims of traumatic brain injuries throughout Georgia. Now a law, O.C.G.A. § 31-18-1, this fund can help you or one of your family members defray many costs associated with a traumatic brain injury.

This fund works in conjunction with O.C.G.A. § 31-8-2 which makes the legal definition of a brain injury as one occurring from contact or penetrating trauma or from acceleration or deceleration forces. This distinguishes traumatic brain injuries from non-personal injury related circumstances where this fund is inapplicable. The Georgia Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Trust Fund Commission, established through O.C.G.A § 31-18-3 also requires notification from health professionals of related traumatic brain injuries.

If you or a family member has suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of another party, the Law Offices of Shane Smith can help you obtain justice. Your Georgia traumatic brain injury and its potential legal claim will be evaluated and determined if you are able to recover from this fund and through Georgia courts. Call (770) 487-8999 to schedule a free consultation today!  

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