The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) collects data on traffic accidents in Georgia and across the United States.  When researchers look at the data, they find that there are four factors that contribute to almost all car crashes. In reverse order, these factors are:
1. Equipment failure
2. Roadway design
3. Poor roadway maintenance
4. Driver behavior
Equipment failure
Equipment failure has been in the news lately, as recalled Toyotas have accelerated out of control endangering both the driver and everyone else on the road. 
All vehicles have to meet certain safety standard.  It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to meet those standards and it is the driver’s responsibility to maintain their vehicle in order to keep it safe.
Common types of equipment failure include:
Brake problems
Tire blowout
Tire tread separation
Steering or suspension failure
Roadway design

Most roadways in the Atlanta area are designed by engineers who pay special attention factors such as hazard visibility, roadway surfaces, traffic control devices, traffic flow, road signs, traffic controls, and the type of weather in the area.  Lack of planning for traffic or road hazards can endanger motorists. However, it is very rare for roadway design to be the sole cause of an accident.  
Poor roadway Maintenance
Potholes, debris, faded road signs or road markings, and inadequate snow removal may contribute to Georgia traffic accidents.  

Driver behavior
Unavoidable factors, such as equipment failure, roadway design and poor roadway maintenance account for less than five percent of car crashes.  More than 95 percent of all accidents can be blamed on driver behavior.
Common behaviors that contribute to accidents include:
2. Speeding
4. Aggressive driving 
5. Failure to yield
6. Frequent or unsafe lane changes
7. Disregarding traffic controls
8. Failure to signal
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