According to a July 21, 2014 Fortune magazine article entitled, “Packaged for Success” Toppan Printing has “announced its decision to construct a new plant in Georgia USA. Toppan is aiming to commence mass production at its first transparent barrier film manufacturing site outside Japan in March 2016.” The company’s timing is considered excellent since there’s an ongoing, worldwide environmental crisis involving throwaway bottles and a wide variety of packaging substances.

Toppan currently offers what Fortune refers to as “an alternative to heavy and hard-to-recycle bottles and cans.” The company offers buyers a “composite packaging consisting of a paper container with an inside layer of its proprietary barrier film.” It’s such an effective and lighter sealant that it provides transportation savings costs for those selling various types of foods and other products. As Toppan sees it, it hopes to “exploit” the current demands grocery store chains are making for this type of eco-friendly, lighter packaging.  

Assuming the company succeeds in creating new markets for its transparent barrier films by opening this plant in Georgia, it will then seek to increase its profits in its other businesses.  Additional Toppan Investments and Programs Located Elsewhere Around the Globe        

  • The company also makes solar panel back sheets and encapsulation films;
  • Toppan has  put together a new company with Toyo Seikan (which manufactures cans) so they can create packaging products for the lithium-ion batteries needed by EVs or electric vehicles;
  • The company is even involved in a project requiring it to find creative ways to motivate consumers to change/decrease their energy usage at peak time periods in Kitakyushu (southern Japan). One of several successful approaches has involved providing consumers with special shopping coupons that can first be redeemed right at the peak of energy usage time periods;
  • According to Fortune, Toppan has also become a leader in making “more opportunities available to a variety of people, with women [constituting] one key group.” The company is now trying very hard to hire more women because it knows they’re more likely to find clever ways to attract other women to buy the products that use the company’s special packaging.

Yet despite all of these promising projects and goals, Fortune says Toppan realizes that its sealant about to be manufactured in Georgia is its “secret weapon for competing in global markets. [After all], Cans and bottles are responsible for roughly $60 billion of the global packaging market, with the U. S. alone accounting for $21 billion – one-third of the total.”

Georgia officials are bound to be excited about this plant being built on a site area measuring 145,667 square meters. Furthermore, the plant building itself will take up 10,555 square meters.

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