Wrongful death refers to a claim by a plaintiff (not the victim) who seeks to recover damages for the unjust death of another caused by someone's negligent, reckless or intentional acts. There are no specific guidelines that dictate the means of death; however, wrongful death tort claims frequently occur in several circumstances:

  • Medical malpractice, especially errors in surgery, diagnosis and/or prescriptions;
  • Product defects;
  • Automobile accidents, including truck and pedestrian accidents;
  • Criminal acts such as murder, physical abuse or neglect.


Clayton County wrongful death attorney Shane Smith represents families who have lost loved ones in auto accidents, truck accidents, DUI accidents, pedestrian accidents or serious premises liability accidents.


According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the mother of a 17-year-old who died while in a Georgia jail has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The man's weight had fallen from 153 to 108 pounds in one month and he was given minimal medical attention though he complained of nausea, stomach pains, vomiting and lower back pains. He frequently vomited and defecated on himself and was placed in an isolation cell because he began frequently soiling himself and not showering, actions the jail staff believed were intentional. He was found unconscious in the isolation cell and pronounced dead of appendicitis and complications from a bowel obstruction.


If a death is caused by the negligence of another then the decedent's family may be entitled to legal relief through a wrongful death lawsuit. You should hire an experienced Clayton County wrongful death attorney if you will file a lawsuit on behalf of a family member who died due to another's negligence. Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith for a free consultation.

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