Slip and fall accidents remain a top cause of personal injury in Georgia and fall under an area of law known as premises liability. This occurs when property owners fail to keep their property up and victims suffer injuries after falling on wet floors or other hazardous conditions. When this happens, the property owner or possessor can be held liable for their negligence. In much the same way, property owners can be held responsible for dog bites and attacks. Dog bites also fall under premises liability law in Georgia.

Although dogs are thought to be man’s best friend, some dogs are ferocious and threaten innocent people in the community. When dogs aren’t fenced off or tied up, they can get out and attack a pedestrian, bicyclist, neighbor, child, or delivery person. When a dog attack occurs, a victim may suffer from:

  1. Physical injuries – Dog attacks can cause massive trauma to humans due to the dog’s teeth and claws. When dog bites occur, victims are left with serious injuries that often require surgery. Most dog bites produce scars that will last a lifetime, and some animal attacks have even led to disabilities.
  2. Emotional injuries – Even after a dog bite physically heals, a victim may still suffer from graphic memories. It can take a lifetime to heal from the emotional damage that was caused by a dog attack. This is because a victim may forever be distressed in the presence of other dogs.
  3. Financial damages – When a victim suffers a dog bite, he or she may incur expensive medical bills for the emergency room visit, tests, surgery, hospital bills, medication costs, physical therapy, lost wages, and more. Victims of Georgia dog bites need not bear this financial burden alone. The dog owner’s insurance will likely cover the financial damages and this should be pursued.

If dog owners allow their pets to be outside their homes and yards roaming freely and someone suffers a dog bite as a result, that dog owner may be held liable and in violation of the Georgia leash laws. Even if a dog escaped and attacked someone, the dog owner could still be held accountable for bodily injury or death.

If you or a loved one were injured as a result of a dog attack, you may be entitled to seek damages for your physical injuries, emotional injuries, and financial damages. Contact a qualified Peachtree premises liability lawyer today to find out more about leash laws and liability. You can reach the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer to learn more about your rights to a financial recovery. 

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