Sugar Hill DUI Accident Attorney Shane Smith Discusses Recent Drunk Driving Law Changes & Lobbying Efforts

The brave men and women of Georgia’s law enforcement, legislature and advocacy groups know all too well of the dangers and results of drunk driving in Georgia. Every year countless innocent drivers experience serious and often life-changing injuries. Families also lose family members from Gwinnett County dui auto accidents due to the negligent and reckless drunk drivers.

What are Law Enforcement, Legislators & Concerned Citizens Doing About Drunk Driving?

The Georgia State Legislature for the 2013 legislative session has been very active increasing its zero-tolerance policy. Repeat DUI offenders will have more driving privileges curtailed if the proposed legislations is passed into law. The Georgia Senate has amended House Bill 407 to require mandatory ignition locks after a driver’s second DUI conviction within five years. The bill, before being strengthened in the Georgia Senate, already increases the time repeat offenders must have their licensed revoked to 120 days. It also increases the amount of time that repeat offenders must use a breathalyzer test on their car’s ignition system in order to be able to operate their car legally. After the license suspension period is over, a probationary license is available to repeat DUI offenders as long as the ignition breathalyzer system is in use that determines they are able to drive sober. Probation for repeat DUI offenders is also increased to 12 months.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving’s (MADD) Lobbying & Public Awareness Efforts

Recently on March 11, 2013, MADD held “Under the Dome” day to raise public awareness and make their voice known to the Georgia State Legislature to make interlocks mandatory on the vehicles of first- time offenders. This event held by MADD features a press conference, covered by local news outlets, which will send a message to the Georgia State Legislature that there is zero tolerance for Sugar Hill DUI auto accidents.

While law enforcement, legislators and organized concerned citizens against drunk driving do their best to reduce injuries and deaths from Gwinnett County DUI auto accidents, people still become injured and killed from these auto accidents. If you have become injured due to a negligent or reckless drunk driver, you may be able to recover for your damages through a personal injury claim. However, the only way to get a true assessment of your circumstances is to schedule your free consultation with a Georgia DUI accident attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith. Call (770) 487-8999 today!            

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