When high school seniors get close to wrapping up the school year, they often turn their attention to graduation night and hosting a graduation night party. Although teenagers are not allowed to drink alcohol because they are underage, many consume alcoholic beverages, especially when celebrating an occasion like graduation. 

Graduating is a major achievement in the lives of teenagers. Instead of simply being happy and proud of their achievement, many plan to “get wasted” at their graduation party. This isn’t the graduation party that a graduate’s parents throw in honor of their son or daughter, but rather the party that graduating seniors throw for themselves. 

Underage students can obtain alcohol by stealing beer or hard alcohol out of their parents’ homes, having an older brother or sister buy it for them, or by using a fake ID. However they go about getting it, one thing is for sure: you can find alcohol and drugs at the majority of graduation night parties.

Statistics show that graduation night is one of the most dangerous nights in a teen’s life, as is prom night. Studies show that on this night, there is a dramatic increase in drunk driving accidents in Georgia and throughout this nation, as well as alcohol overdoses, fatalities, and sexual and physical assaults, mainly due to alcohol consumption and drug use.

Although graduation night is an exciting event, it also can be a traumatic time for some teenagers when a drunk driving crash occurs. Victims of a Georgia DUI crash could include:

  • The driver
  • Passengers
  • Occupants in other cars
  • Pedestrians in the area
  • Cyclists sharing the road

Although parents cannot be with their teenagers every moment of the day, it is important for parents to speak with their children about the dangers of alcohol use. Teens need to hear from their parents about how damaging driving intoxicated can be to their life and to the lives of other innocent motorists who share the road with them. 

If your teenage son or daughter was injured in a Georgia drunk driving accident due to someone else’s negligence, you should to speak with a Georgia DUI injury attorney today, to find out your rights and protect your interests.

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