Gwinnett County Accident Attorney Shane Smith I Potential Reasons for a Cell Phone Ban in Georgia

Some legislators in the Georgia State Legislature have called for a complete hand-held cellphone ban due to distracted drivers. According to local news station reports some legislators want to build on the existing distracted driving law and ban the hand-held use of cellphones. The new proposed law would permit drivers to still use hands free cell phone devices. The current law prohibits drivers 17 and younger from using their cell phones at all. The other distracted driving law prohibits all drivers from creating, sending and receiving text messages. However, drivers 18 years and older are permitted to talk on the phone while they are operating a motor vehicle.

There are ample statistics to support the legislator’s push for stricter cellphone usage to minimize distracted driving. There are some specific statistics including:

  • Only 60 teenage drivers have been convicted of using their cellphone while driving.
  • When it comes to texting and driving, more than 1,900 people, adults and minors, have been cited and convicted of texting while driving.
  • People talking or thinking of what to say while on their cellphone when they are driving are four times more likely to be distracted compared to those who simply drive.
  • The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration determined that 1 in 4 of all auto accidents are caused by distracted drivers, including people who talk on their cellphone.

Even though Georgia law permits drivers to talk on their cellphone in their hand, there are some things you can do to protect yourself from distracted drivers no matter how they are distracted. The first thing you can do is to make sure you are aware of who is driving behind, in front of you and in the lanes of opposing traffic. If you see someone texting, reading a map while driving, applying makeup or self-grooming, let them pass you and when safe notify law enforcement officials. Using your judgment to keep an eye out for carless drivers will help you stay safe and notify police officers when there are careless drivers on the road.  

If you are involved in an auto accident because of a distracted driver, you may have a case. If you have suffered physical and emotional injuries and your life has been changed, you need to speak with a Georgia accident attorney from the Law Offices of Shane Smith. Call our law offices at (770) 487-8999 to speak with a Gwinnett County auto accident lawyer during a free legal consultation. You will understand all of your legal rights based on your accident’s circumstances.

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