Georgia legislators may soon consider enacting a highway slowpoke law. House Bill 459, introduced by Rep. Bill Hitchens, would outlaw driving in the fast lane on Georgia's highways unless passing another vehicle. The bill is intended to keep slower drivers from creating gridlock by blocking faster traffic. In an application safeguard, the measure would be implemented "only if another car is trying to get by."


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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explained the motivation behind the measure. Rep. Hitchens, "a former head of the state Department of Public Safety, wants to make it illegal, essentially, to drive in the left lane on all controlled access highways at all, except:"


  • When no other vehicle is directly behind the vehicle in the left lane.
  • When traffic makes it impractical to drive in the right lane.
  • When weather conditions make it necessary to drive in the left lane.
  • When obstructions or hazards exist in the right lane.
  • When a vehicle changes lanes to comply with other laws.
  • When exiting on the left.
  • To pay tolls or use a toll pass.
  • When driving in the left lane complies with traffic control, such as to allow emergency vehicles to pass.


Slower drivers interrupt traffic's steady flow and force faster drivers to take evasive maneuvers. They can also be responsible for creating road rage by causing the drivers behind them to make dangerous lane changes that would be otherwise unnecessary.


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