Gwinnett County Pedestrian Accident Attorney Shane Smith Highlights Efforts Combating Pedestrian Accidents

Based on recent statistics from Safe Kids Worldwide, pedestrians in Georgia and elsewhere in the nation face grim statistics, showing just how dangerous things are for walkers and bicyclists. Based on their 2013 Fact Sheet, here is a sampling of sobering statistics:

  • 2011 saw 465 pedestrians die from traffic accidents for the 19 and under age group
  • Male pedestrians in this age bracket accounted for 64 percent of the total deaths
  • The majority (51 percent) of kids in 2011 who were killed were 15 to 19 years of age.

There are other statistics according to Safe Kids Worldwide that show how deadly and injurious children have it:

  • 2010 saw about 22,350 minors (walking and/or bicyclists) hurt in auto accident-related injuries
  • 2010 also saw four out of five pedestrian fatalities occurring at locations other than intersections.

As one can see, young pedestrians all over the country, including Georgia, have it pretty bad. If your child has been injured or killed due to a negligent or reckless driver, you need to speak with a Dacula pedestrian accident lawyer. Call our law office at (770) 487-8999 to see what your legal rights are.

What can be done to prevent and lower the number of injuries and deaths?

One program that is helpful is the Safe Routes to School program, run by the Georgia Department of Transportation. Helping school age kids walk to school, and encouraging children to get exercise instead of being driven to school, the program aims to increase exercise through pedestrian activities, while keeping children safe on their way to school.

How are children educated?

Through various print materials (newsletter, banners, flyers) inside and outside of schools, the program educates children and their parents/legal guardians on how to walk safely and effectively, while getting healthy exercise.

Whether your child has been walking before the introduction of this program or has started because of the program, there is always a chance they can be hit by a negligent or reckless driver. If this has happened and they have been injured or killed because a driver breached their duty of care, a personal injury claim may exist. However, the only way to determine that is by speaking with a Georgia pedestrian accident lawyer. Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith today to schedule your free legal consultation with a Gwinnett County pedestrian accident lawyer.  

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