Distracted driving accidents killed 3,092 people in 2010 according to the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT). Additionally, it is estimated that 18 percent of auto accidents that year involved distracted drivers.


Consulting a Clayton County attorney after an auto accident involving a distracted driver enhances a victim's ability to receive a reasonable settlement. If you have been injured in an automobile accident involving a distracted driver in Clayton County you should discuss your case with an auto accident attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith.


Technological advancements have increased the potential for driving distractions. From cell phones and texting to Web surfing, GPS reading and now Google Glass, Georgia laws have the difficult task of defining what distractions must be avoided while driving.


According to a study by AAA, the cognitive distractions related to voice-activated communication and information systems renders such devices as dangerous and as distracting as handheld devices. The National Safety Council cited over 30 studies that have concluded hands-free cell phone regulations do not increase driver safety.


Most states do not have laws in place that regulate Google Glass usage while driving. Georgia has not passed legislation to specifically address the technology though it would likely fall under restrictions of watching television while driving. Nevertheless, as the technology becomes more prevalent it may pose a safety risk to drivers and other vehicles sharing the road.


If you or someone you know has been hurt by a distracted driver, meet with a Clayton County auto accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Shane Smith.

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