According to Georgia Auto Accident Attorney Shane Smith the CarFit Program Helps Saves Lives  

According to Fox5Atlanta the State of Georgia has and continues to work with senior citizens to help them driver better and keep everyone safe. Understandably, and as the piece explains, as an individual ages, tasks may become harder to manage. This includes the ability to drive effectively and safely.   

According to the Georgia Traffic Injury Prevention Institute (GTIPI), it is a collaborative effort along with the American Society on Aging, AAA, the American Occupational Therapy Association and AARP, the program is run exclusively by volunteers to help senior citizens see how the again process unknowingly impacts their ability to drive.

Based on GTIPI’s statistics, 20 percent of all drivers will be 65 years or older by 2030, showing just how fast this 65+ age demographic is growing.

What is the program about?

According to the University of Georgia, the CarFit program is quite extensive and consists of:

Showing senior citizen drivers how to effectively driver through seat-belt usage, proper seating in conjunction with an airbag, and ensuring they drive the perfect fit car, the program helps seniors reduce the risk of an accident and educates them. Your Caleb auto accident lawyer helps you understand what damages you may be entitled to under Georgia State law. Specific aims and results of the 20 minute program include:

  • Educating senior drivers on how to angle their side-view and rear-view mirrors to have as small a blind-spot as possible.
  • To prevent the likelihood of a serious injury in the case of an injury, drivers are educated and shown where to sit (10 inches or further from the wheel).
  • Ensuring proper foot placement and usage (using one’s full foot versus toes only) helps reduce strain and increases safety.

How effective is the program?

Recent statistics from the program show just what a good program it is:

  • Nearly one if four (37 percent) needed one adjustment in their driving habits to help them reduce the chances of injury or death during an accident
  • Nearly 1 in 5 sat far behind the visible portion of the driver’s windshield.

Spotting and notifying senior citizens of what they are doing wrong and how they can correct will help reduce their chances of being injured and the chances of another person getting hurt or killed because they are not driving safely. While this program has help senior citizens become safer drivers and undoubtedly protected innocent drivers from becoming injured, it hasn’t prevented every single accident. Speaking with a Gwinnett County auto accident lawyer helps victims understand what they are entitled to under the law. Injured individuals, through a motor vehicle or other type of accident caused by a guilty third party may enable you to pursue a personal injury claim. However, speaking with a Georgia auto accident lawyer determines what your accident entitles you and/or your family too.     

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