As a woman turned to enter Wal-Mart, she slipped and fell on accumulated water on the floor. When she fell, she landed on her right hip, and she couldn’t get up. Although she called out for help, an employee didn’t hear her cry for some time. Unfortunately, she laid there in pain and was embarrassed from falling.

Slip-and-fall victims in Georgia are often left with painful injuries and the embarrassment of falling in public. Just as the victim in this situation had fractured her hip, so many victims of slips and falls suffer hip injuries and lay in pain after landing on the floor.

Some of the hip injuries slip-and-fall victims sustain include:

  • Hip dislocation
  • Hip fracture
  • Hip joint injury

Who Is More Likely to Suffer from Hip Injuries?

Women are more likely than men to sustain hip fractures. Additionally, elderly people are more susceptible to suffer hip injuries, as the risk increases with age. 

Sustaining a broken hip after falling in a grocery store may not be life threatening, but the statistics show that when elderly people fall and fracture their hips, they have a one-year mortality rate of about 20 percent. This is because hip fractures cause mobility limitations, which can lead to blood clots that can even be fatal.  Additionally, the immobility hip fractures and hip injuries result in weakness, causing elderly victims to not be able to live on their own.  

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), about 90 percent of hip fractures are caused by falls, and the statistics indicate the following:

  • About 352,000 people suffer hip fractures annually in this nation
  • Half of patients who suffer hip fractures will require a wheelchair, walker, or cane to get around after the injury
  • Only a quarter of hip patients will make a full recovery
  • About 40 percent of hip fracture patients will require nursing home care after the hip injury

Because people fall down and suffer hip injuries every day, it is important to know about potential legal recoveries and rights if property owners have been negligent in taking care of their premises. All property owners of supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, apartments, and other public places are required to keep their property safe. When they fail to do so, they may be held liable for a victim’s injuries.

If you have suffered a hip fracture or another type of injury in a Georgia slip-and-fall accident, you should call a skilled Peachtree City premises liability lawyer to find out your rights. Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 for a free consultation today.

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