People fall every single day around the nation. In fact, falls account for over one million injuries annually in the United States. While people fall due to their own clumsiness, others fall due to slippery floors and hidden defects in the ground. Many people assume that these types of falls take place inside a big-box store, grocery store, or retail store; however, falls due to defects in flooring can take place anywhere—even outside of a store, restaurant, or commercial complex.

Some common examples of Georgia premises liability claims that occur outside instead of inside, include:

  • Trips outside of businesses
  • Falls in parking lots
  • Trips on uneven sidewalks
  • Falls from hidden holes and depressions
  • Trips from raised/uneven ground
  • Falls due to defects in pavement
  • Slips due to leaf covered sidewalks
  • Falls due to icy sidewalks
  • Trips due to raised flooring
  • Falls due to missing manhole covers

One of the main causes of outside premises liability cases occurs when people step in hidden holes and indentations. These types of falls are referred to as step and fall accidents because someone steps on a hidden hole in a sidewalk, or steps in a manhole due to missing manhole or utility covers. When hidden hazards cause a fall injury, there may be several parties to blame, including:

  • Businesses
  • Property possessors
  • Property owners
  • City, county, or other federal government entities

Any one of the above mentioned parties should properly maintain their premises so that no person falls and suffers an injury from an unexpected failure in the walking surface, such as a dip in the pavement or hidden hole in the ground. Depending on where the fall occurred will determine which party may be liable. If the step and fall accident took place on a sidewalk, a government entity may be to blame; however, cases involving public property can be complex. When a fall occurs in a parking lot, the company leasing the building or the property owner may be liable for failing to keep the property safe and free of hazards.

Because sidewalk and parking lot slip and fall accidents in Georgia can involve many parties and be complex, it is best to have a skilled attorney on your side that knows what to look for and has been successful in handling slip and fall cases. To speak with an experienced Peachtree City slip and fall lawyer, call Shane Smith Law in a free consultation at 770.487.8999 today.

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