Victims of car accidents, assaults, sports injuries, or slip-and-fall accidents in Georgia have to learn how to cope with their physical difficulties and mental and behavioral challenges following a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Now, a new study published in Neurology, a medical journal, reveals that those who have suffered a TBI are at an increased risk for a stroke.

Not only will victims of brain injuries have to worry about dizziness and headaches, but they will also have to be worried about the risk of ischemic stroke. According to researchers who studied adult records for those who went to the hospital for trauma, those who suffered a serious brain injury were more likely to have a stroke than those who suffered some other type of trauma. 

Is a TBI a Predictor of Stroke Risk?

The researchers, based out of the University of Michigan, found that, two years after a person’s hospital trauma-related visit, the risk for suffering a stroke was very low in patients who didn’t suffer head trauma. The study looked at 440,000 people with TBI and 740,000 trauma victims with no signs of brain injury. 

After researchers closely reviewed various factors and tracked patients for 28 months, they discovered that people with TBI were 31 percent more likely to develop a stroke than those who suffered another type of trauma. This means that people who suffer a TBI in Georgia are more at risk for suffering a stroke. This could be the case because concussions and trauma to the head can cause damage to the brain’s blood vessels and abnormal clotting in the brain. When the arteries that supply oxygen to the brain are affected, blood flow to the brain can be disrupted, long after a traumatic brain injury occurs. 

The study author Dr. James F. Burke, a neurologist at the University of Michigan, said “Both stroke and traumatic brain injury are common, costly and leading causes of severe disability in adults, and approximately 20 percent of strokes occur in adults under age 65.” 

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