Accidents with large trucks are more likely to result in severe, disabling or fatal injuries. When you or someone you love has been the victim, you should seek legal counsel from a Georgia truck accident attorney.

Georgia Truck Accident Statistics 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2010, there were 1,244 total traffic fatalities in the state of Georgia. Out of those, 152 fatalities were the cause of collisions involving large trucks. 

Based on the Department of Transportation's latest report on accidents, in 2006, it was concluded that roughly 86% of drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles were left fatally injured when involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle. In comparison, about 14% of truck occupants were the ones who sustained fatal injuries. Most of these fatal crashes involved a tractor trailer, accounting for about 66%.

Despite these statistics, in 2006, rural or non-interstate roads were reported to be more fatal than accidents that happen on the interstate, accounting for nearly 87% of fatal accidents, compared to a little more than 11% on the interstate. This may be due to the fact that roads in rural areas are narrower, less likely to be well-maintained and a driver is more likely to speed. Interstates, on the other hand, are wider and become more congested, causing slowdowns in traffic.

Considering the impact of accidents that involve large trucks, you may be left with serious injuries or a lost loved one. Understand that many times, these accidents can include third-party liability, in which more than a single party may be held accountable. These cases also more difficult to prove, so it is imperative to get in touch with a Georgia truck accident attorney at 1-770-487-8999 to find out if you have a legitimate case to pursue.

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