If You Have Lost a Loved One to a Fatal Workplace Accident, Call Gwinnett County Wrongful Death Attorney Shane Smith

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace fatalities are more common place than the some would like you to believe.

In 2011, initial figures for fatal workplace injuries in Gwinnett County and elsewhere totaled 4,609. However, this figure is still being finalized, so there is a good chance of it being much higher. In fact, over the last 3 years, fatal workplace figures have been under-reported by as much as 166 deaths.

In the trucking industry, fatal work accidents have risen by 14 percent in the private truck transportation industry.

Learning that your loved one has died from a Gwinnett County fatal accident on the job is life-changing. In these hard economic times, everyone who has a job is very grateful for it. Families who rely on a single family member as their bread-winner and lose their loved one from a Brooks fatal accident on the job are completely devastated.

The Law Offices of Shane Smith understands that losing someone, especially when they are on the job trying to provide for their family, makes seeking justice through a Georgia wrongful death claim even more imperative and more necessary to find out all of the facts.

There are many ways your loved one’s workplace accident may qualify for a Georgia wrongful death claim. Some examples include:

  • Construction accidents
  • Car accident deaths
  • Workplace violence  

No workplace is immune from having an accident wherever and whenever your loved one is on the job. While many Gwinnett County fatal accidents at work do occur at workplaces where there are hazardous chemicals and heavy machinery other “safe” workplaces still pose a threat for a fatal Brooks work related accident. Office employees can still suffer a fatal accident when they are exposed to faulty equipment or an unsafe working environment.

Depending on the circumstances of your loved one’s Georgia fatal workplace accident, you and your minor dependents may be eligible for weekly income benefits from the employer and/or the employer’s insurance company. It might also extend to other relatives dependent on the killed loved. The employer and/or employer’s insurance company may also be responsible for the funeral and burial expenses.

The Law Offices of Shane Smith can help you determine the exact cause of your loved one’s Georgia workplace fatal accidwrongful death claiment and the at-fault parties. While commencing a Brooks wrongful death claim will never bring you’re your loved back, it will bring closure for you and your surviving family members. During your free legal consultation you will learn all about what damages you are able to fight for with a Gwinnett County wrongful death claim. Call our law offices at (888) 927-6955 to schedule you a free legal consultation.

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