Graduated driver's license (GDL) regulations phase in driving privileges for inexperienced young drivers and appeared to have successfully reduced teen auto accidents. However, a published study suggests that such programs only delay reckless driving until a young driver has an unrestricted license.


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A 2011 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) concluded that GDL restrictions defer rather than eliminate inexperienced drivers' accidents. The study reviewed 131,000 nationwide fatal car accidents from 1986-2007. States with the most restrictive GDL regulations showed a 26 percent decrease in accident fatalities for 16-year-old drivers compared to data from before the GDL rules were implemented. However, there was an accompanying 12 percent increase in the accident rate for 18-year-olds in those same states compared to before GDL rules. The 18-year-old threshold is when states allow unrestricted driving privileges.


Previous published research concluded that GDL rules reduced teenage accident fatality rates. A study in the Traffic Injury Prevention journal concluded that the accident rate for drivers aged 15-17 was reduced by 30 percent following the implementation of GDL rules. The study did not find any change in the accident rates for drivers aged 18 and 19 compared to periods before GDL implementation. This led to the conclusion that GDL rules contributed to reducing teenage accident rates.


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