Playing sports is a great way to exercise and meet other people with similar interests. Unfortunately, as with all physical activities, playing sports exposes participants to a risk of serious injury. Sports injuries have the potential to leave victims with serious medical issues that may result in financial losses and considerable pain and suffering. Generally speaking, sports injuries that occur as a result of inherent risks of a sport do not give rise to a legal action. For example, a batter hit by a pitch in a game of baseball probably could not successfully sue the pitcher. Sometimes, however, sports injuries are actionable, and may entitle victims to significant compensation. The best way to determine whether you can recover for you sports injury is to discuss your case with an experienced Grantville personal injury attorney.

When can I Sue after a Grantville Sports Injury?

The legal doctrine known as “assumption of risk” prevents many people injured while playing sports from bringing a lawsuit. When you choose to participate in a sport, you also willingly expose yourself to the risks inherent in that sport. For example, hockey players understand that they are going to be checked, and football players expect to be tackled. There are some situations, however, in which a person injured while playing sports may be able to recover.  These include:

  • When injuries are the result of defective sports equipment

  • If an athlete intentionally injures another participant

  • Negligently maintained or designed grounds or facilities

  • Inadequate coaching

The potential damages available in a Grantville sports injury case include compensation for medical bills, emotional trauma, lost income, and pain and suffering.

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