Gwinnett County Accident Attorney Shane Smith Explains Circumstances Regarding Daycares & Premises Liability Claims

Every day parents drop their children off at day care facilities and expect their children to be taken care of and pick them up at the end of the day with nothing to worry about. For the most part, daycare facilities in Georgia are safe and have responsible staff with ample supervision and accommodations made to their facilities to ensure children are reasonably protected from foreseeable hazards. However, when a negligent or careless daycare operator and their irresponsible staff fail to uphold their duty of care and breach it, severe injuries or even death can result.

Daycare facilities, like any other premises are responsible for providing its customers, you and your children, with a safe environment. From the moment you come in contact with their “approaches” or adjoining property to the building and the building itself, the owner/operator of the daycare facility owes its implicitly and explicitly invited customers a safe environment.

How Can Daycare Centers Keep Their Premises Safe?

  • Failing to provide supervision. If children are not supervised by adequately trained staff and the child becomes injured or killed, premises liability may exist.
  • An unsafe playground. Children who are unsupervised and are exposed to an unsafe playground where they might break a bone, suffer a traumatic brain injury or die from a serious injury may entitle a child and their family to a premises liability claim.
  • Unsafe pool use. Daycares that have a pool and let their children-under-watch use it are under a duty to supervise children using it. If children are not watch closely enough, given adequate training and floatation devices and a child suffers injuries or dies from drowning, premises liability may exist.

What Can Parents Do to Decrease the Chances of an Accident or Death?

Prospective daycare centers can be researched through local and state agencies. The State of Georgia, through its Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, licenses and ensures daycare agencies meet state standards. Before you let you children stay at a daycare agency, it is wise to see what potential daycares are rated.

Parents can also speak with past customers of the daycare to see how their children experienced their services. The staff and its environment can also be evaluated by observing the daycare setting. A walk through of the facility also enables a visual inspection to see what equipment the facility has and if there are potential hazards before leaving a child there.

If you have had children severely injured at a daycare or have suffered the loss of a child due to a negligent or reckless operator, you may have a premises liability claim. Speaking with a Gwinnett County accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Shane Smith will inform you or your rights and what damages you may be entitled to. Calling our law firm at (770) 487-8999 to schedule your free legal consultation with a Gwinnett County accident lawyer is your next step to obtain justice and closure for your child and your family. 

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