Gwinnet County DUI Accident Attorney Shane Smith Discusses Recent Statics and Improvement in Gwinnett County DUI Accidents.

While recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that DUI accident related deaths in Georgia and all over the country all falling, there are still too many innocent victims dying. Between 1990 and 2000 fatal DUI accidents dropped nearly by nearly 6,000. They attribute this drop to public safety officials enforcing laws and using the latest technology to determine when at-fault drivers of Gwinnett County DUI accidents are under the influence of alcohol. Everyday citizens are also helping reduce these numbers because they are creating educational and promotional campaigns to make people aware of the dangers of alcohol, even after consuming one drink. Everyday people are also integral to lobbying their legislators and joining alcohol awareness groups to make sure there are fewer DUI accident fatalities in Sugar Hill and elsewhere in Georgia.

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Most recently, however, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that the number of DUI accident deaths has not changed much in the last five years. Since fatal DUI accidents in Gwinnett County, Georgia and throughout America, government and private sector entities are teaming up again to keep fighting to reduce DUI accident deaths in Gwinnett County and all across America. For example, the United States Department of Transportation and the Ad Council are taking their Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk campaign back to the air ways. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is also running their You Drink & Drive. You Lose campaign to make sure people are once again reminded of the dangers of drinking and driving.          

There are some immediate and simple things you can do to prevent yourself or someone else  from being involved in a Gwinnett County DUI accident:

  • If you are driving, do not drink alcohol – have a designated driver
  • If you are a homeowner, don’t serve alcohol to your guests – have non-alcoholic alternatives
  • Practice defensive driving – if you see a drunk driver on the road, pull your car to a safe place and call law enforcement as soon as safe to do so

While alcohol prevention efforts have been effective, there is still a long way for the roads to be free and clear of intoxicated motor vehicle operators. Until then, public safety officials and private individuals will be enforcing the law and campaigning for zero tolerance drinking and driving laws. Contacting the Law Offices of Shane Smith as soon as possible for your free legal consultation is the best thing to do to preserve your legal rights. While you are waiting to speak with a Gwinnett County DUI accident attorney, check out my latest publication, I Was Hit By A Drunk Driver : What Do I Do Next?

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