Important Information From Gwinnett County Pedestrian Accident Attorney Shane Smith

Mountain Park pedestrian accident attorney Shane Smith would like to show how dangerous Georgia roads are for pedestrians. The latest Georgia pedestrian accident statistics paint how pervasive the problem is throughout Georgia, including Gwinnett County. Here are the latest statistics:

  • The latest information from 2008 show that more than 4,300 pedestrians were fatally injured in auto accidents throughout the Country, including Georgia. This equates to approximately one every 2 hours!
  • Approximately 69,000 pedestrians were seriously injured – translating into one injury every 8 minutes!

All Demographics Are Put At Risk – Some More Than Others                                                     

While pedestrians are all at risk of becoming injured, some demographics are put at a greater risk than others. Research has found that three different groups are particular prone to becoming injured or killed as pedestrians:  the elderly and children.

The Elderly

Pedestrians aged 65 years and older had nearly 1 out of 5 (18%) of all pedestrian deaths and nearly 1 out of 10 injuries.

Young Children

Approximately 20 % of 5 to 9 year old pedestrians were killed by an auto accident.

If you have been injured as a pedestrian in a Georgia auto accident, contacting the Law Offices of Shane Smith will help you preserve your legal rights. You are able to have a free legal consultation to discuss your circumstances with a Georgia pedestrian accident attorney. All you need to do is call our law offices at (770) 487-8999 to schedule your initial visit. Depending on your injuries and how it has impacted your life, you may be able to recover emotional and physical damages through a Georgia personal injury claim.

Factors That Contribute to Gwinnet County Pedestrian Accidents

To understand why there are so many pedestrian deaths in Georgia, learning how and why they happen are great to know how to avoid them.

  • Intersections:  When a motor vehicle operator is turning or passing through an intersection and fails to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian, a lot of Gwinnett County pedestrian injuries and deaths occur through this manner.
  • Pedestrians not seen:  All too often, pedestrians and hit and injured or killed because motoro vehicle operators do not see them. By carrying a flashlight and wearing reflective clothing, pedestrians are able to increase their chances of being seen and decreasing their chances of not getting hit.
  • Not using crosswalks: When crosswalks are used, motor vehicle operators are more likely to see pedestrians crossing the intersection. Along with following the law, drivers are instinctively more aware to look out for pedestrians on, near and crossing the road compared to pedestrians walking on other parts of the road whether they are crossing or not.

 If you been injured in as a pedestrian in a Gwinnett County auto accident, don’t wait any longer to contact a Georgia pedestrian accident attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith. During your free consultation your Mountain Park PI attorney will be able to document and obtain all of your Georgia pedestrian accident circumstances to make a determination if you have a case. Call (770) 487-8999 to schedule your free consultation and protect your legal rights!

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