Snellville Pedestrian Accident Attorney Shane Smith Covers the Latest Statistics for Georgia Pedestrians

Although the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has released statistics showing that over the last approximately 20 years or so the number of pedestrians killed has fallen from 163 to 146 in recent years with a peak of 183, pedestrians in Gwinnett County and all over Georgia still face dangerous conditions. In fact pedestrians killed in Snellville auto accidents accounted for 9.4 of all deaths in 2000 and 10 percent in 2008 – this shows that pedestrians have seen an uptick in the danger posed by negligent Georgia drivers.

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Where Do Most of the Pedestrian Injuries & Deaths Occur in Georgia? 

Recent Georgia pedestrian accident statistics show between 2004 & 2008 that nearly 2 out of 5 pedestrian fatalities occurred in only 5 Georgia Counties including Gwinnett County.

While some Georgia pedestrian accident statistics do show a decline, others show an increase. Looking at the figures between 2000 to 2008 there were 1,390 pedestrian deaths and more than 18,00 injuries. The number of passengers involved, but not injured increased from 227 to 350 persons during this time-frame. However, the number of people killed increased from 139 people annually in 2000 to 150 in 2008. While the numbers for Serious Injury and Visible Injury have declined from 326 to 297 and 934 and 810 respectively, over eight years this is a tiny change. Additionally, not every single age group fell in injuries – some age demographics, such as the 45-54 and the 65-74 age groups actually had INCREASES in deaths and injuries. 

How to Protect Yourself from Becoming a Victim?

In order to minimize your chances of becoming a victim, you need to use good judgment and have situational awareness as a pedestrian. There are also some common sense things you can employ:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings – don’t talk or text on the phone, wear headphones or engage in other distracting behavior as a pedestrian
  • Make sure the intersection is free of cars and all cars have all stopped before crossing an intersection.
  • Wear appropriate shoes that have traction – taking precautionary steps will reduce your chances of putting yourself in precarious situations.

While employing these and other safety measures as a pedestrian will minimize your risk of a pedestrian accident, even the most cautious person is at risk. If you have been a victim or one of your family members has, the first thing you should do after getting emergency medical treatment is to contact your Gwinnett County pedestrian accident attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith. You will have a free legal consultation to determine your legal rights and what you may be entitled to through a potential legal claim. Call (770) 487-8999 today to schedule your appointment today!

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