Gwinnett County Wrongful Death Accident Attorney I Available Damages in a Georgia Wrongful Death Claim

Losing a family member from a fatal Duluth personal injury accident is tragic. After a period of grieving many family members of victims of fatal Gwinnett County personal injury accidents may decide to file a Georgia wrongful death claim.

Along with establishing negligence and/or recklessness and one or more at-fault parties that are responsible for your loved one’s death, you along with your Duluth wrongful death accident attorney must prove damages were suffered by the deceased victim and their family members.

Based on O.C.G.A. § 51-4-1 damages available to family members commencing a wrongful death claim are recognized as the complete value of the life of your loved one minus any required or personal expenses your loved one had lived.  

While the law can be a little abstract, recent Georgia court decisions have interpreted this quote to be the future income lost from the loss of the family member from the Gwinnett County personal injury accident. This figure is subjective because everyone has different circumstances affecting their income:

  • Current and past employment history
  • Level of experience and education
  • Current and projected  income levels
  • Projected Individual and industry earning capabilities
  • Many other variables including inflation

If you have lost a loved one due to a fatal Duluth personal injury accident, your Gwinnett County wrongful death attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith will be able to help you determine your legal rights and for those with a wrongful death claim, you will be able to have your loved one’s loss of future earning capacity figure and help you recover the most you can. You can learn about all of your legal rights from setting up a free legal consultation by call (888) 927-6955.

In most Georgia wrongful death claims this is the largest available damage. However, after losing a loved one your Gwinnett County wrongful death attorney will also be able to see if there are other recoverable damages including:

  • Medical bills
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of one’s spouse/enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering (on behalf of the deceased family member’s estate)

These are just some of the potential damages that are available to the families of the deceased victim of a fatal Georgia personal injury accident. Since each type of damage must be substantiated and proven in a court of law during a Duluth wrongful death claim, speaking with a Georgia wrongful death attorney is best to see what damages your case may entitle you to. Call (888) 927-6955 to schedule your free legal consultation today.

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