Gwinnett County DUI Accident Attorney Shane Smith Gives Tips on Helping Elderly Georgia Residents Cope Effectively with a DUI Accident Death

Similar to adults and children, elderly residents of Georgia react different individually and as a demographic. Depending on an elderly person’s pre-existing medical, emotional and social network, a Sugar Hill DUI death may exacerbate or bring about a new symptom that compounds their medical conditions. For example, an elderly person, according to the National Institutes for Health, while elderly people are less prone to depression than their younger counterparts, they can be more guarded. Therefore, since Georgia’s elderly population deserves respect and must be better understood to help them better cope with a loss of loved one from a Gwinnett County DUI death.

Sugar Hill DUI accident attorney Shane Smith gives family members of elderly Georgia residents who have experienced a loss of a loved one some tips to help ease their elderly parents loss:

Let them talk. Let your elderly parent or grandparent talk about their loss, how they feel, how it has impacted them. By simply offering them a person to talk to, it can mean a world of difference. Elderly people have a much harder time dealing with a loss because the deceased person has been a part of your family member’s life.

Look out for subtle signs. Depending on how your elderly relative is coping with the Gwinnett County DUI death, they may not show their grief, sadness and inability to deal with the loss. By watching how your loved one acts, performs day to day functions, you will have a better indication of how they are working through their loss.

If your family has suffered a loss of a loved on through the negligence or recklessness of an at-fault party through a fatal Gwinnett County personal injury claim, the Law Offices of Shane Smith will be able to help you look into pursuing the information regarding your Sugar Hill DUI death. Your Georgia DUI accident attorney, during your free legal consultation, will inform you of all of your legal rights and explain to you what your options are. Other recommendations to help your loved one deal with a loss include:

Enable your parents and grandparents to maintain their independence. If your surviving parent or grandparent can still perform their daily tasks, attend their job and go to social functions, let them. The more control over their life they have, the more they are able to work through their loss and get their life back together. Even the smallest tasks they can independently take care of, it means a world of difference.                          

If possible, be a part of your elderly parent’s medical care – physical and mental health wellness. As long as your elderly family member enables you to participate in wellness check-ups, you can help your family member’s health care provider deliver effective care to help treat depression and other mental and physical health conditions attributable to the loss of a loved one.

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