Although the Women’s Movement definitely influenced many housewives and homemakers to re-enter the workforce back in the 1960s, many educators still believe that nearly 50 years later, young girls still receive less training in handling financial and money matters than boys.  While a great many households are now run by single mothers and childless females, far too many women (compared to men) now reach their senior years with inadequate knowledge about how to handle all of their own financial affairs -- especially after their spouses pass away.                     In order to combat this remaining cultural trend, various groups are now providing young girls with new financial training opportunities.

Various Opportunities Young Girls Have to Learn More About Savings and Investments 

            Fortunately, many younger and middle-aged women now have higher profiles in banking and financial institutions than they did long ago. Furthermore, nearly everyone has heard of the female money expert Suze Orman. Yet even though many women now hold major corporate posts and manage vast sums of money on Wall Street, the majority of today’s senior women may have missed out on some valuable early financial training while home raising their children or pursuing other goals.                                                                                                                                                Groups like the Girl Scouts of America, the YWCA, and Girls, Inc. are stepping in to try and fill this void.

  • The Girl Scouts of America. Most young girls enter the GSA as “Brownies” who later become Girl Scouts. One of the “badges” little girls can earn is called the “Money Manager” Badge. This type of early training is important because according to the Girl Scout’s own Research Institute, only about 12% of young girls feel capable of properly managing money, even though about 90% of them believe such knowledge is important. As these girls continue in these programs, they are often given the chance to see helpful presentations and videos that discuss how developing strong money management skills will help them one day own and run their own businesses;
  • Girls, Inc. This group continues to function in 100 locations and provides young girls with the opportunities to greatly enhance their money management skills and knowledge about running a business. During April, the group’s Financial Literacy month, many young girls took part in excellent training programs all around the country.  Oprah Winfrey is one of many female leaders who strongly support these programs. Some Career and Life Planning activities actually offer girls the chance to run their own businesses — while enhancing their economic literacy;
  • YWCA. Although this group’s programs often target teens and older young women – teaching them about financial empowerment – young girls can take part in a few of these activities in some local areas. Free financial coaching is also available to help young women learn how to meet financial goals. While there is a national YWCA organization, women are strongly encouraged to become involved in groups located in their own communities.

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