Traumatic brain injuries are very common in sports and recreational activities, especially football, bicycling, soccer, basketball, and playing on playgrounds.  Even a mild concussion can cause cognitive impairment and have possibly severe after effects, so athletes and coaches should be certain to take all possible precautions against brain injuries.  Even if helmets and other protective gear is worn, concussions can still happen.  Athletes, coaches, and parents of children who play sports should all be aware of the signs of a possible concussion and seek medical treatment if a brain injury is suspected.  In the unfortunate circumstance that you or your child suffers a concussion while playing sports, make sure to consult with an experienced brain injury attorney in Sharpsburg to discuss your case.


Concussions are not physically visible from the outside, and often an athlete will not notice or recognize symptoms.  Therefore, any athlete who has suffered a blow to the head or any other contact that caused a rapid jolt of the head should get checked out by medical professionals.  Additionally, coaches should be aware of whether their athletes appear confused, dazed, forgetful, slow to answer questions, or to have a lack of coordination.  Anything other change in mood or personality can be a symptom of a brain injury as well.


If an athlete shows any such symptoms or if a concussion is otherwise suspected, he or she should be immediately removed from practice or game play, and should undergo a thorough medical evaluation.  An athlete should be symptom-free and cleared by a medical professional before resuming play of sports.  Once a person experiences one concussion, it is more likely they will suffer a second or multiple brain injuries, so returning to play before fully healing is highly discouraged.  If the athlete is a child, the parents should be notified of the injury, possible symptoms, and facts regarding concussions.


If you or your child suffers a traumatic brain injury while playing sports or on a playground, you could be eligible for reimbursement for your injuries.  The Law Offices of Shane Smith is here to help evaluate your case in Sharpsburg and get you the settlement you deserve.  Call today at (770) 487-8999 for a free consultation.

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