When filling job openings with recent college graduates, savvy hiring agents know that there are some American universities that are more likely to turn out successful candidates than others. Even a brief survey of “LinkedIn” and other sites will quickly reveal that many of the nation’s leading entrepreneurs attended the same colleges.                                                                                 

There is also readily available data indicating which American universities have produced the most Nobel Laureates.

Here are some important numbers regarding each of these schools.

Schools Producing the Most Nobel Prize Recipients

  • Harvard University (32)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (18)
  • California Institute of Technology (17)
  • Rockefeller University (17)
  • Stanford University (17)
  • University of California at Berkeley (17)
  • Columbia University (16)
  • University of Chicago and (16)
  • Princeton University (12)

As the list above clearly indicates, the largest number of Nobel Prizes have been awarded to those with ties to the University of California system (as of late September 2011).

The following information regarding the colleges attended by today’s top entrepreneurs was obtained from the Forbes August 18, 2014 magazine article entitled, “Silicon Ivy.” (These school names are set forth toward the end of that article under the heading, “Startup Schools.”)

The Schools that Continue to Produce Many Top Entrepreneurial Leaders

  1. Stanford University. Of course, as Forbes carefully points out, some startup geniuses don’t always stick around long enough to actually pick up degrees from these schools;
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This school’s “student-run $100K Entrepreneurship Competition” has led to the creation of more than 130 companies and 2,500 jobs;”
  3. University of California at Berkeley. This school campus actually boasts three startup incubators;
  4. Cornell University. Since 2001, this school’s Cornell Entrepreneur Network “has organized hundreds of events for about 20,000 alumni, students” and others;
  5. University of California, Los Angeles. In April of 2014, Forbes states that this school hosted its second annual LA Hacks hackathon;
  6. California Institute of Technology. A very large number of this school’s graduates have started their own successful companies. This is especially remarkable since the annual enrollment at this Pasadena, California school only averages around 2,300 students;
  7. Brown University. One leading professor at this school, a Professor Barrett Hazeltine, “has been teaching entrepreneurship and engineering for about half a century;”
  8. Princeton University. Jeff Bezos, a summa cum laude grad of this school, has obviously done well with Amazon.com;
  9. Pepperdine University. This California school perched on the edge of the Pacific Ocean has graduated such successful past students as Neil Clark Warren, the guru behind eHarmony.com;
  10. Dartmouth College. Since 2001, this school’s Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network (DEN) has helped support more than 500 high-tech projects and companies.

When you see a graduate from one of these schools has applied for a job with your company, you may want to give him/her more than just a second look. In fact, chances are, s/he will prove to be an outstanding leader or innovator.

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