As the summer winds down and holidays approach, many of us will be hosting or attending outdoor barbeques involving food and drink. Many of these events will involve the presence of alcohol, increasing the risk for injury causing accidents. Statistics consistently indicate that drunk driving accidents occur at a higher rate on holiday weekend, and law enforcement generally increases enforcement efforts as a deterrent. Each year, however, people continue to drive under the influence, sometimes resulting accidents that can cause serious injuries. People who are victims of drunk drivers may be able to recover for any losses that they incur through a personal injury lawsuit. The best way to determine whether and against whom you may have a claim is to have the circumstances of your case reviewed by an experienced Coweta County personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

For those of us hosting a backyard barbeque, there are things that we can do to do our part to reduce the risk of drunk driving accidents. Some of the ways a host can make sure that their party is as safe as possible include:

  • Stay sober – this makes it much easier to tell if a guest has had too much to drink
  • Consider hiring a professional bartender
  • Make sure you have alcohol-free options available
  • Request that your guests either designate a sober driver or arrange other transportation
  • Serve food

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By following the above guidelines, you can be certain that your guests do not present a risk to other drivers on the road by driving while intoxicated. The unfortunate reality is that there will likely be drunk drivers on the road, and they may cause avoidable injury to you and your loved ones. People who are injured by drunk drivers may be able to sue the driver or even a third party after an accident. In order to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys, call the Law Offices of Shane Smith today at (770) 487-8999.

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