While it's always wise to set sales goals for your company to keep all employees focused and fully energized, it's far wiser to create a comprehensive marketing plan for your business, regardless of whether you deal in goods or services (or both). In many ways, your marketing plan will provide you with a stabilized set of goals while other factors like the economy or employee turnover may remain beyond your control. As new, higher-level employees arrive, you can quickly review your marketing plan with them and then turn them loose to prove their talents.

Remember that Confidentiality is Very Important

            Given the fact that your marketing plan is like a professional sports team’s game plan, you must be sure to only share certain aspects of it with lower-level employees. Your executives and business managers must also agree to keep certain specific aspects of the plan completely confidential – even upon leaving your employ. If you fail to obtain this pledge in writing, your competitors might obtain the information and steal many of your best ideas and customers.

How Does the Marketing Plan Really Help?

            As at least one expert has noted, your marketing (or general business) plan “is the U.S. Constitution of your business.” If it’s been properly drafted, it will instruct you and your top- level employees how to handle such critical needs as “staffing, financing, [and] strategic alliances.” Frequently, a well-drafted marketing plan will include what some business professionals like to call “the vision thing.” If sheer you share it with all of your employees, it can strongly unite everyone and keep them on track.

            Stated differently, your general business and marketing plan can become your company's “rallying point.” Most employees will provide you with their best efforts when they believe they’re part of a team that needs them to honor the entire group with their best work and creativity.

            Since it’s always possible to discover flaws in any marketing plan during a fiscal year, always be ready to call upon both management and rank-and-file employees to provide their input on potential amendments to (specific parts of ) the plan so that the year can still end in  success.

Monthly Reports and Reviews Can Maximize a Plan’s Value

            Each month, create accurate reports that clearly reflect all manufacturing and/or sales being generated by your company and keep them in a three-ring binder where they can be easily viewed as the year progresses.

            Once a given business year comes to a close, review your two or three most recent, annual marketing plans to find clues as to how you should create your next one. It's usually wise to also hold a meeting with different levels of employees to obtain their input as to how the most recent plan either helped or possibly hindered their efforts.

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