There are few risks as serious to the elderly as falling. Due to limited mobility, other possible health problems, vision and hearing impairment, and slow reaction timing, the elderly are prone to serious physical injuries from falls. Also, because of their age and the frail condition of their bodies, the elderly are also more likely to suffer serious consequences from falls that might not cause the same issues in people who are younger. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths, trips to the hospital, and emergency room visits for adults 65 and older. Even seemingly mild falls can cause traumatic brain injuries that could have a serious impact on an elderly adult’s quality of life or cause death. If you or an elderly loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury from a fall, you could be entitled to recover your medical or other expenses. The best way to determine if you are entitled to compensation is to schedule a consultation with the experienced traumatic brain injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Shane Smith as soon as possible.

What Precautions can I Take to Protect my Elderly Loved one From Suffering a Fall-Related Traumatic Brain Injury?

You can reduce the risk of an elderly loved one suffering a serious injury in a fall by doing the following:

  • Remove or secure items in the home that are easily tripped over, like throw rugs, papers, books, clothes, and shoes.
  • Take careful consideration of pets and pet-related items. They can pose a serious fall hazard.
  • Keep items that are used often where they can be easily reached.
  • Install bars for grabbing in the bathroom, shower, and on stairs.
  • Improve lighting in all areas of the house.
  • Make sure medication is up to date and appropriate for the diagnosed health conditions.
  • Have their eyes checked and make sure glasses are updated.
  • Encourage physical activity.

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