How Do Parents Mourn the Loss of their Children From a Fatal Georgia DUI Accident?

Drunk driving in Georgia is against the law and anyone who is found guilty of this should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. When a  Duluth DUI accident hits home and takes the life of a son or daughter, the statistics become too much to bear. Hearing about Gwinnett County DUI statistics is one thing, but when a child becomes one, grief is normal and is the process of working through a loss.

Grief is a Natural Part of the Healing Process After Losing a Child to a Georgia DUI Accident

In the case of a Gwinnett County DUI accident, grief is an important and necessary process in your life to honor your child’s wishes. How you grieve depends on your personal “support network” and your internal coping mechanisms. External coping mechanisms that help people cope with a loss include:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Legal system
  • Reflecting on their relationship with the deceased
  • Religious or spiritual beliefs   

Since everyone reacts differently to a loss, there are classic signs of grief. A parent who has suffered a loss of a child from an Duluth DUI accident can experience one or more of the following symptoms of grief:

Guilt:  Feeling guilty is quite normal. Not for the accident of course, but for some unfinished business, open arguments or some sort of action they could have taken to prevent their child from driving and being a Georgia DUI accident victim. 

Anger:  Experiencing feelings of anger is not unexpected. Parents might be angry because they might ask, “Why me?” or “Why my child?” These feelings are often felt because they know their child was driving to work, to school or to take care of some errands and don’t understand why their child had to suffer.

Denial:  This feeling is quite common and is very natural. To face the unfortunate fact that a child has passed away, especially through such tragic circumstances, is difficult. Not accepting these circumstances is quite normal and takes time, through one’s support system, to come to terms with such a loss.

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