Almost everyone knows that winter weather can cause commercial truck accidents due to snowy or icy roads. However, many people may not realize that there are also serious risks of accidents due to summer weather, as well. Truck drivers must take particular caution in the summer due to the heat and if they do not take the proper precautions, they risk causing a serious accident. If a truck driver acts negligently and causes injury, he should be held responsible for any losses incurred by accident victims. If you have suffered injury in a truck accident, contact an experienced Fayette County truck accident attorney to discuss a possible case.

The summer heat can cause the following potentially dangerous complications that may lead to truck accidents:

  • Battery failure due to evaporation of battery fluid

  • Overheating due to the evaporation of coolants

  • Melted or weakened rubber on tires, which may lead to sudden tire blowouts

  • Defects in the roadways due to melting or softened asphalt

  • Heat exhaustion for truck drivers

Truck drivers should always complete a careful inspection of all fluids and tires before the leg of every trip in order to identify low fluid levels or melting tires. Additionally, drivers should be on active lookout for road defects and should take precautions to stay cool, hydrated, and healthy while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, not all truck drivers are actively aware of the dangers of the summer heat and therefore do not properly prepare to avoid accidents.

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There are a wide variety of factors that may cause a truck accident to happen, and the weather is only one of them. No matter what the cause of your truck accident was, the experienced truck accident lawyers at Shane Smith Law have the resources to investigate and take on lawsuits against large commercial truck companies. If you have suffered losses due to a truck accident, call our office today at (770) 487-8999 to schedule your free consultation.

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