Imagine you are shopping in a store or visiting another type of business and all of a sudden you slip and fall. A slip and fall can cause serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, back and neck injuries, sprains, broken hips, and much more. Many slip and falls occur because the property or business owner did not properly maintain the premises or keep the property free from dangerous conditions. If a property owner fails to keep the premises reasonably safe for visitors, he or she should be held liable for any injuries that result. If you have suffered injury in a slip and fall accident, call an experienced Coweta County slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible to find out how you may recover.


Property owners can be negligent and cause slip and falls in some of the following ways:


  • Failing to clean up a spill
  • Having sticky or slippery floors
  • Having debris in walkways
  • Not properly securing cords or other items that may cause trips
  • Having uneven or worn flooring


Though it may seem logical that people should recover when they slip and fall because of an owner’s negligence, proving liability in such cases may be more challenging than one might think. You cannot simply point the blame at someone and expect to recover; instead, your attorney must present evidence of negligence in order for a party to be found liable. For example, accident reports, pictures, and other documents regarding the state of the property are useful evidence, as are testimonial accounts of people who witnessed the slip and fall. Each individual case will utilize different kinds of evidence and your attorney can identify that evidence for you.

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