Peachtree City Accident Attorney Discusses Premises Liability & Common Sense Steps to Protect Yourself Against Georgia Slip and Fall Accidents.

As winter is in full force, it is necessary to think about snow and ice safety now and with the spring thaw. According to the National Weather Service temperatures in Georgia in February vary anywhere from 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. These are just averages and there is no way to predict the weather – it is nearly impossible.

Along with driving on the road, walking on the sidewalks that line private buildings, homes and other structures contribute to a lot of Fayette County pedestrian accidents. The weather extremes, especially as the temperature transitions from freezing to above freezing back to freezing creates unsafe and unseen ice that many Georgia residents slip and fall from.

Peachtree City premises liability is pretty easy to understand. Those who own and possess their Georgia property must maintain their property and keep it free of potential hazards. Although a Fayette County pedestrian can slip and fall any time of the year at a business owner’s premises, this time of year requires even more vigilance. Here are some things that business owners can do to make sure they are not negligent in keeping their premises safe during an ice or snow storm or when the snow melts and re-melts:

  • Visually inspect the entire area for ice sheets
  • Apply salt before and after the ice, multiple times if necessary
  • Plan ahead and have an independent company be on-call to remove snow and ice from the parking lot and all around walkways
  • Have conspicuous signs warning everyone that visits your property, including, but not limited to: employees, independent contractors, etc.

Premises owners must keep up these safety practices until every last bit of ice and snow that poses a danger is gone. Sometimes it is done successfully in Peachtree City and other times business owners fail to adequately protect their patrons, visitors, etc. When business owners fail to properly maintain and represent their premises as being safe, Fayette County slip and fall accidents may occur. If you, as a visitor, employee, contractor or other capacity have been injured on the premises of a business, home or negligent third party you may be able to recovery for your physical and emotional injuries. 

The Law Offices of Shane Smith can help you determine what you are legally entitled to recover. If your circumstances show that the premises owner was negligent in maintaining the safety of their case, you might not be the only one needing to spend money on future safety precautions. Your accident attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith will enable you to get the justice and make your life whole again.

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