Fourth of July is a time people want to see the sparkling fireworks in the sky and not the bright lights behind them pulling them over. For this reason, and so that innocent motorists aren’t injured or killed, people need to refrain from drinking and driving. In spite of all the public service announcements and messages on the dangers of impaired driving, many people think they can still drive safely after drinking alcohol; however, crash statistics prove otherwise. 

Although the DUI numbers from this 2013 Fourth of July holiday haven’t been released yet, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has reported that an average of 88 alcohol-impaired crashes occurred in Georgia between July 3-5, in both 2011 and 2012.  

As the nation just ended celebrating this holiday, many people were most likely injured, as well as lives lost, due to impaired drivers. To those families who are mourning their loved ones or Georgia DUI victims who are suffering serious injuries because of drunk drivers, you need to know what to expect and what to do next.

Seek Justice with the Help of a Peachtree City Accident Attorney 

Accident victims in Georgia who have been injured by a drunk driver are often left with expensive medical bills from the injuries they sustained. Additionally, they may temporarily or permanently be out of work and losing income. Because of these expenses, DUI victims need to pursue a civil case against the drunk driver. Although a criminal case may also take place, victims of drunk driving accidents in Georgia need to pursue their claims for financial compensation in civil court. This is where a victim will be awarded a financial recovery for medical expenses, lost wages, physical therapy, pain and suffering, and other damages.

To families who have lost their loved ones to a drunk driver, you will also need to bring a civil case against the drunk driver in addition to being involved in the criminal proceedings. Although a drunk driver gets his or her punishment, jail time, and fines in criminal court, financial compensation for victims’ families will be awarded in civil court. 

A lawyer who has successfully represented Fayette County drunk driving victims and victims throughout the state of Georgia will be able to inform you about the type of compensation you may be entitled to and more about the legal process. Call an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith today at (770) 487-8999 to find out more in a free case consultation. You are also welcome to fill out our online form to request a free copy of our book, I Was Hit by a Drunk Driver: What Do I Do Next? The Guide for Victims of Georgia Drunk Driving Accidents.

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