Drinking and driving is always dangerous, however drinking and getting on a motorcycle increases your risk of accident due to the greater mental and physical ability required to Ride a motorcycle.  Impaired Riding of motorcycles decreases balance and reaction time, and therefore increases the chance of accidents with serious injuries.  If you have been injured in an auto accident involving an impaired motorcyclist, a Fayette County accident attorney can help you recover for your injuries.  Call The Law Offices of Shane Smith right now for a free case consultation.

45% of motorcyclists killed in accidents had been drinking.  Over one-third of those impaired drivers had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.10 or higher.  As perhaps expected, the number of impaired drivers increases on weekend nights, with drunk motorcyclists constituting 62% of motorcycle fatalities.

Enforcement of anti-drunk driving laws is the number one deterrence for motorcyclists who have been drinking to get on their bikes.  It can be difficult, however for officers, especially new ones, to identify motorcyclists who have been drinking.  Motorcyclists tend to drive more recklessly and break more traffic laws, such as speed limits and passing regulations, than drivers of passenger vehicles.   A research team associated with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put together a list of common cues to predict impaired driving of a motorcycle.  These cues include:

  • Turning problems
  • Weaving within a lane or through traffic
  • Trouble keeping balance at a stop
  • Trouble dismounting the motorcycle
  • Drifting during a curve or turn
  • Following too closely

The aforementioned cues are considered excellent predictors of impaired driving, and predicted impairment while driving at least 50% of the time.  You can use these suggested law enforcement cues to identify drunken motorcyclists yourself, and stay out of their path.  Do not hesitate to slow down and let the impaired motorcyclist pass you.  Once they have passed, you can call and report impaired riders of motorcycles to proper law enforcement entities.

In the unfortunate instance that you are involved in an auto accident with a drunk driver, you may suffer injuries that may result in expensive medical bills, lost wages, or higher insurance rates.  The Law Offices of Shane Smith has auto accident attorneys ready to help you recover financially.  Call the office today at (770) 487-8999 to discuss your case at no charge and with no obligation.

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