By the time you become a CEO or recognized leader in your industry or company, you will normally have acquired some impressive work traits. While you may have just naturally picked these up over the years, it can prove very useful to help up-and-coming young entrepreneurs know which traits of high achievers may serve them best while they’re trying to get ahead in the business world.  

 The following traits of CEOs and other leaders have been largely culled from two recent articles. One is entitled, Nine Things That Smart CEOs Do” (published by and the other is Forbes’ Top 10 Qualities That Make a Great Leader.”

Here’s An Overview of Leaders’ Useful Traits and Behaviors

  • Honesty. While news headlines certainly make it seem like the underhanded and greedy are running the business world and “finishing first,” there really is tremendous, long-term value in establishing yourself as an honest executive. People will return to do business with you regularly if you consistently demonstrate this trait;
  • They encourage other people’s creativity and “diversity of thought”. Successful people are secure enough to not be threated by keeping top achievers in their midst. Having a strong “brain trust” at work benefits everyone;
  • Effective leaders know the importance of regular communicating with others in a friendly, one-on-one manner.

You will often see the most capable and well-liked CEOs walking down the hallways of their companies visiting with employees of every rank and job description;

  • They have a great sense of humor. Nearly all of us “warm up” to others who can dish out self-deprecating humor or who can see the “lighter” side of life;
  • They are confident enough to delegate important duties to others. Only foolish, arrogant leaders think they can do everything best. Smart CEOs and top executives learn to let others shine while handling difficult tasks. After all, such success often reflects back on those who respected the lower-level employee enough to make the challenging assignment;
  • They maintain a positive attitude, even when the company’s fortunes are not the best.  Nearly all employees experience a “lift” in their own attitudes when they meet and interact with company leaders who are able to keep plugging away, even when the company may be going through hard times;
  • Successful CEOs and other leaders almost instinctively know how to inspire others. These individuals realize that people do their best work when their personal contributions – however small -- are recognized and lauded;
  • They often “encourage informality” because they know it helps most workers relax and do their most productive and creative work. It’s more than just a coincidence that successful leaders’ office areas (like those at Google or Apple) often provide wide open, comfortable areas were employees can interact and daily “perks” that create a lighthearted and pleasant atmosphere for workers.

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