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Spinal cord injuries can be some of the most severe injuries a person can suffer, and they can be both physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging.  Depending on the location and type of injury, a person may end up completely or partially paralyzed, undergo multiple surgeries, or at the very least face extensive rehabilitation.  The number one cause of spinal injuries in the United States is motor vehicle accidents, followed by falls, sports injuries, violence, and other types of accidents.  If you have suffered a spinal injury at someone else’s fault, you are likely entitled to recover for the cost, pain, and suffering caused by your injury.  Do not hesitate to contact a Coweta County personal injury attorney today to discuss a possible case.

There are two main types of spinal injuries: complete and incomplete.  Complete injuries result in the complete loss of movement or function in your body below the place of injury, because the spinal cord can no longer send signals past the point of injury.  Incomplete spinal injuries occur when some feeling, sensation, or movement exists below the cord injury.  Often, prompt medical diagnosis and treatment can stop incomplete injuries from accelerating to complete.

However, incomplete spinal injuries can still be quite severe and may vary greatly.  A victim may have some feeling yet no movement, some movement but no feeling, or any degree of feeling and/or movement in between.  Doctors will usually have to fully stabilize the spinal cord and stop any swelling around the spinal cord before they may understand the full extent of the injury and its complications or effects.  This process often takes six to eight weeks, therefore the first month or two following a spinal injury can be filled with a wide range of emotions, such as uncertainty, hope, and fear, for a victim and his or her family.

In short, even if a spinal injury is not complete, there can be significant effects on a victim’s life.  If you have suffered a spinal injury in an accident, fall, or other situation that was not your fault, you should call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at 770-487-8999 as soon as possible.  An experienced accident lawyer is waiting to help you today.

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