What to do and not to do when pursuing an Injury Claim

Knowing what to say and do after the accident may help your injury claim get approved. You do want to contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. Waiting too long can make your injury claim seem less serious. Jot down as many details about the accident as possible. Take photos of vehicle damage and injuries. Note the location and conditions of the accident scene. Be sure you have personal information and vehicle data of the other party. Take notes of conversations with insurance companies. Save all receipts related to your injuries.

Do not lie to the insurance company. Be honest with them, but do not overindulge details about the accident. You should never admit fault. That may insinuate you were the guilty party, which will get your claim denied. Do not agree to the first payment the insurance company offers you. You should have a Peachtree City personal injury attorney review any offer to see if it is a fair amount. The amount should cover any injuries and damages. Most importantly, never sign any paperwork without reviewing it thoroughly and fully understanding it.

Contacting a Lawyer

If you were involved in a car accident that resulted in injuries, you have the right to file an injury claim. An experienced Peachtree City personal injury attorney can help you deal with insurance companies and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. The Law Offices of Shane Smith will give your case the attention it deserves. Call them today at (404) 513-5415.

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