The attorneys at Shane Smith Law have put  together an on-line law library of articles that relate to car wrecks, DUI victims, wrongful death, premises liability (slip and falls), pedestrian accidents, and estate planning in Atlanta and the surronding area.  These articles can provide valuble answers to many of your legal questions.

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  • The 7 Critical Steps of Your Car Wreck Case You’ve been in a car wreck in Atlanta and have been hurt. You have questions about your claim against the insurance company and want to be reimbursed!
  • The Sign Up Process During sign up, we want to get a signed contract with you so that we have legal right to move forward with your case.
  • The Claims Process During the claims process, we need to make sure that all of the insurance companies are aware of the accident.
  • The Medical Treatment Process During the Medical Treatment phase, our case managers are working hard to make sure that all of your initial bills and records from the ambulance, er visit, er doctor, and any radiology tests and bills are ordered and received.
  • The Negotiation Process During the Negotiation phase, we are fighting against the insurance companies to get best offer for your case.
  • First Offer Received Letter I wanted to write to update you on the status of your case. I have mailed the initial demand ot the insurance company.
  • First Offer Received We received the first offer on your case. The insurance company has offered $ for your bodily injury claim. I do not want you to be concerned about their offer.
  • The Settlement or Litigation Process During this final phase, you will receive the proposed settlement paperwork.

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