While most of us run our businesses close to where we want to live or where our companies appear to have their best chances to thrive, we should always remain open to relocating them once we learn that another part of the country is better suited for our success.

According to Forbes magazine’s August 18, 2014 edition, there are 10 Top Cities where many entrepreneurs should try to start their new businesses.                                                                         

Here’s a bit more information about each of these special cities. All were ranked based upon such factors as (current or future projected) job growth, costs of living and doing business, average level of education of the area’s workforce, and possibilities for income growth.             

Cities that Made Forbes’ Top Spots for Business List

  1. Raleigh, North Carolina.  While most cities consider themselves lucky to have even one startup accelerator. Raleigh actually has at least two:  Launchbox Digital and Bull City Forward. (Others similar groups appear to be revamping their outreach style);
  2. Des Moines, Iowa. For starters, this city ranked Number One last year. Des Moines is still doing quite well, apparently because it’s still got one of the nation’s highest levels of employment in the financial industry;
  3. Provo, Utah. One reason this city’s economy stays so strong is that it encompasses America’s third-largest private college, Brigham Young University. Provo is also home to an unusually large number of startup companies because it’s such a large academic community. (Note: Links in this article are to the 2013 review. It’s in the 2014 print magazine review that Provo is now ranked Number Three);
  4. Denver, Colorado.  This city remains a major center for aerospace. Companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing and others continue to hire many employees in this large metropolitan area  of about two-and-a-half million people;
  5. Fort Collins, Colorado. Ranked number three in 2013, this pretty city is still thriving, partly due to the presence of major employer Colorado State University;
  6. Lincoln, Nebraska. This city has moved up from being ranked Number Seven in 2013. It still remains an important business hub, partly due to its low unemployment and mortgage delinquency rates;
  7. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This city is considered to be a great place to run a company -- especially new startups . It also boasts a greatly revitalized downtown area;
  8. Salt Lake City, Utah. The healthcare, tourism and transportation industries are among the main reasons this city’s economy remains so strong. Unemployment is still fairly low, although it is a bit more expensive to live here than in other American cities;
  9. Seattle, Washington. Nicknamed the “Emerald City” due to all of the lush green forests surrounding it, Seattle is a great place to do business, especially in the aerospace and defense industry sectors;
  10. Nashville, Tennessee. Apart from its popular country and western music scene, this city is also known as a great center for healthcare, education and tourism.

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