We’d like to thank everyone who participated last month in our Teacher of the Month Award program.  As always, we received many heartfelt nominations!  Our panel has selected this month’s award recipients, and attorney Shane Smith says, “The teachers awarded this month clearly put their students’ needs before their own.  They both consistently spend huge amounts of their personal free time tutoring their students and grading homework.”

Peachtree City attorney Shane Smith is recognizing outstanding local educators with his Shane Smith Law Teacher of the Month Award program for the 2013-2014 school year.  Each month, the law firm recognizes and rewards two outstanding local educators – one from Coweta and one from Fayette - for their dedication to their students.  These teachers can be nominated by anyone who wishes to participate, and the award recipients will be selected by a special panel of local citizens.

The Coweta County teacher who is awarded Teacher of the Month for January is Mrs. Eileen Conrad, a 7th grade Science teacher from East Coweta Middle School.  Mrs. Conrad has been an educator for 32 years, 23 of which have been at East Coweta Middle School.  Many of her students whom she taught years ago still come up to her to tell her just how much she influenced and helped them.  Mrs. Conrad is now teaching her second generation of students, children whose parents she had taught.  She generally spends most of her weekends grading papers and posting grades, and she also spends many lunch hours assisting her students with their problem areas.  

The Fayette County teacher who is awarded Teacher of the Month for January is Mr. Brian Williams, a 12th grade Honors English teacher from Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School. Mr. Williams encourages his students to read for fun and to enjoy literature rather than just reading for their classes.  His goal is to stimulate a lifelong engagement with reading and help them grow both intellectually and spiritually.  Every day he makes himself available during lunch and after school for students that have questions or need extra help. 

The glowing nominations received by Shane Smith Law demonstrate the loving, positive impact these teachers have on their students.  We want to thank Mrs. Conrad and Mr. Williams for everything that they do for their students and our children, and for being among a select few who go above and beyond their peers and their pay grades.  As a token of our gratitude for these outstanding local educators, each of these educators has received a $200 check for school supplies and a $25 gift card to Partner’s Pizza.

To nominate a teacher for February’s Teacher of the Month Award, please visit www.LocalTeacherOfTheMonth.com and complete the nomination form. 


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