Landlords who own large apartment complexes or buildings all generally have the same goal: making money.  Sadly, this often means neglecting much needed maintenance or repairs on the premises.  As the owner, the landlord has a duty to keep the premises and grounds safe for all tenants and guests to use.  This includes the apartment units themselves, but also any amenities such as pools, playgrounds, gyms, or other parts of the grounds.  If a landlord is negligent in the upkeep of his property, injuries may occur.  If you or your child is injured at an apartment complex, a Fayette County personal injury attorney can help assess whether the injury was caused by negligence on the part of the landlord.  If negligence is found, you can receive a settlement to reimburse you for your injuries, costs, and even for your pain and suffering.


Some common injuries that can occur at apartment complexes and the surrounding property include:


  • Slip and falls
  • Poisonous spider bites due to lack of proper extermination
  • Fires due to faulty wiring or lighting fixtures
  • Pool accidents or drownings
  • Injuries due to failure to maintain elevators or stairwells
  • Lead paint poisoning, and
  • Injuries from falls due to railings collapsing or breaking.


When such accidents occur, many people do not realize that the accident could have been avoided if proper maintenance or precautions had be taken, and therefore they are not aware that their landlord could be held liable for their injuries.  Also, if you do not live in that particular apartment complex where the injury occurred, you can recover for injuries even as a visitor.  The landlord's responsibility to properly maintain the property extends to visitors as well as tenants.


If you are injured at an apartment complex because of a lack of maintenance or upkeep, make sure to call a Fayette County personal injury attorney in a timely fashion as the statute of limitations could run out.  Shane Smith Law can help you determine whether or not the landlord was responsible for your injuries, and can help determine what a fair settlement would be for you to receive.  Do not hesitate to call today at (770) 487-8999.

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