Accidents involving large commercial trucks always have the potential to cause devastating damage and injuries. However, the damage and injuries only get worse when a truck collision is followed by an explosion or fire. In the event of such an explosion, the severity of injuries generally increases and many victims may not survive. If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, the experienced Coweta County truck accident lawyers at Shane Smith Law can help you.

Following an explosion, many people may wonder: who exactly is responsible for the injuries? The answer to this question may be more complicated than you think. First, if the explosion occurred because the truck’s fuel tank was defective in some way, the manufacturer of that fuel tank should be held liable for negligently selling a defective product. If the tank was defectively designed or assembled, that manufacturer should have discovered the defect and recalled the product.

However, the manufacturer is generally not the only one at fault in these situations. If the tank only exploded because of the collision, whoever was responsible for the initial collision should also be held liable. For example, if driver error caused the accident, the truck driver and trucking company should also have to compensate victims. If the collision occurred because of negligent cargo loading, the company responsible for the cargo loading may be responsible. If the accident occurred because another part of the truck malfunctioned—such as the brakes or coupling—the manufacturer of that truck part should also have liability.

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