The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) conducts numerous studies on commercial trucks, commercial truck drivers, and the risks of the trucking industry. Specifically, the FMCSA is trying to prevent truck drivers from causing accidents and injuries. One way the agency wants to do this is improve a driver’s quality of life. If you are injured in a truck accident that was not your fault, contact an experienced Coweta County truck accident lawyer to help you recover for your injuries.


A recent FMCSA study examined the many lifestyle challenges a truck driver may have, and researchers found that such challenges likely have an influence on the number annual accidents. These include the following:


  • Poor diet and nutrition due to the limited options on the road and the convenience factor of fast food.
  • Inadequate exercise due to lack of facilities on the road. These diet and exercise challenges often lead to obesity and other health problems.
  • Inadequate healthcare resources, such as a primary care physician who schedules regular check-ups.
  • Often spending days and weeks by yourself in your cab with no one to talk to.


Everyone has a bad day at work or gets down on their job now and again. However, when a truck driver’s struggles begin to affect the quality and safety of their driving, it can seriously endanger the lives of all the motorists on the road. Truck drivers who continue to drive while facing extreme challenges may lose focus and cause accidents and injuries.

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Overall, truck drivers face a lot of adversity and struggles, just like anyone else. These lifestyle challenges can cause drivers to become disgruntled, impatient, depressed, or otherwise less careful on the road. This transition often causes numerous accident and injuries and the victims deserve proper compensation. If you have been injured in a truck accident, call an experienced truck accident attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith for help today. Do not hesitate to call (770) 487-8999 to schedule you free consultation.


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