Georgia Auto Accident Lawyer Shane Smith Highlights Important Statistics On the State of Georgia Roads

Driving comes with inherent risks just like any other behavior. With anything else in life, when we take to the roads we know that not everyone is as conscientious about driving as we are. A recent study by the Georgia Department of Transportation shows that not everyone on the road takes the privilege of driving as seriously as we might. Here are some sobering statistics that we should be aware of before hitting the road:

  • Since 2000 over 6 million people have experienced an auto accident throughout Georgia. This equals nearly 2,400 people every single day!
  • More than 4 million people have suffered serious injuries on Georgia roads since 2000 – this comes out to more than 1,700 injuries each day!
  • Between 2000 and 2006, more than a million motor vehicle operators were involved in an auto accident with an injured person and more than 16,000 drivers were involved in an auto accident where someone died.

Other notable finding of this study is that whenever we take to the road, there is always a risk. Depending on the type of road, the time of day and even the type of cars we and others drive, there is some level or risk. However, there is no zero-risk road.

Understanding what type of risk we as drivers face is essential to begin to understand how to minimize our risk of being injured or killed when we drive our car. One way to reduce the number and severity of injuries is to always wear a seat belt. Before you start your car, put on your seat belt. You will never know if or when you will be involved in an auto crash – therefore, always wearing it is your best insurance to keep yourself as safe as possible.

Georgia’s five metro counties, including Loganville, have experienced double digit population growth rates of 15.63 percent on average. The increased population has increased the risk of auto crashes and the increased risk of injury and death. While the rates may have fallen, this is only because there are more people compared to an increased number of accidents. There are still an increased number of accidents.

Since there is no such thing as a “risk-free” trip, being a victim of an auto accident is not out of the question. If you or one of your relatives has been injured or even killed due to a negligent driver in Georgia, you need to contact a Loganville auto accident lawyer right away from the Law Offices of Shane Smith. Understanding what your circumstances entitle you to legally is essential to make sure that you obtain justice on you or your loved one’s behalf. Don’t wait any longer to speak with a Loganville auto accident attorney – call (770) 487-8999 now!             

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