Congressional Proposal to Require Truckers to Have a Electronic On-Board Recorder in Their Truck May Help Georgia Truck Accident Victims Prove Responsibility

Georgia truck accident statistics for 2011 show more than 1,700 truck accident fatalities occurred on State public roadways. Unfortunately, nearly all of these fatalities involved passenger vehicles, either cars or trucks. More than 1000 passenger cars and 500 pickup trucks sustained at least one fatal injury from the negligence of a truck driver.

Congress is proposing mandatory Electronic On-Board Recorders because it will be able to monitor trucks’ movements. They are able to record how long a truck is moving and how long the truck has traveled. If a Gwinnett County truck accident victim, such as yourself, is involved in a Norcross truck accident with a truck that has an Electronic On-Board Recorder, you will certainly want to determine what the data says on the recorder. This device, when combined with GPS capabilities pinpoints where the truck has traveled.

Since a lot Gwinnet County truck accidents involve owner-operator truck drivers, who don’t have the means to install this device and because it is not legally required, innocent Norcross truck accident victims    will have a harder time determining the exact rate of speed and direction the truck was traveling right before the accident occurred. Speaking with a Gwinnett County truck accident attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith will enable you to make sure you receive justice. After determining what damages you are entitled to and who the at-fault parties are, you will be able to learn what your options are during your free legal consultation. Call (770) 487-8999 to speak with a Georgia truck accident attorney today!


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