If you've been in a Grantville car accident and you are hurt and received injuries you will most likely need medical care. Many Grantville car accident victims believe that the car insurance for the person who caused the accident will pay the medical bills for your soft tissue injuries. Although they are responsible, there is nothing in the law that says that the insurance company has to pay your medical bills so that you can receive medical care for your injuries. As a matter of fact, the insurance companies' primary plan of attack on these cases is delaying medical care. The insurance company would prefer you delay your medical care because that reduces the value of your personal injury case. Ultimately, the law says that the person who caused your injuries is responsible for your medical care. However, the insurance companies will pay the end of your care once it settles. In the beginning, do not worry about visiting the doctor and your medical bills. These will be paid in the end of your settlement.

Insurance companies many times will argue and challenge your medical bills. They will make many claims once it is time to settle your case. They will argue that the bill was too high, treatment was too long, something else caused the injury, or some other factor in attempt to diminish the value of your case.

Ultimately, the insurance company is responsible for your medical bills. However, they will not prepay and therefore you have to seek treatment through one of several ways. First, you may pay cash to the doctor's office as you go in. Second, you may use your medical care or health insurance so that you can seek medical care. Third, you may use what is called medical payment coverage under your own car insurance if you have it. Lastly, see a medical provider that will treat you on a lien on credit. There are many doctors' offices that will do this if they know that you have a valid and good case because they know they will ultimately be paid. Many chiropractors' offices will do this as well.

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