When children are killed in drunk driving crashes, they aren’t the only victims. Parents of the children who died are also Georgia drunk driving victims, as their entire lives have been changed by one careless action of another.

Although a normal response from grieving parents is numbness, due to the shock and disbelief of their child being gone, doing nothing is the worst mistake parents can make during this time. Parents may be overwhelmed with grieving the loss of their child. However, doing something in response to the tragic accident will help bring some peace (later down the road), knowing that they had a role in helping bring justice regarding their child’s death.  

Actions parents can take to help understand their new reality surrounding their child’s death include:

  • Finding out the details of the crash (speed, who was driving, location);
  • Obtaining a copy of the police report;
  • Requesting the autopsy report;
  • Getting involved in the criminal justice process; and
  • Engaging a Georgia wrongful death attorney to bring a civil suit against the drunk driver.

Although it is unfair that your child was taken by an irresponsible person in a drunk driving crash, and though your pain feels almost intolerable, you don’t want to sit back and do nothing. Later down the road when you reflect on this time, you will be glad that you played a part in the criminal case as well as the civil suit.

By helping to teach the drunk driver a lesson in criminal and civil court, it may help ease your overwhelming grief. Although no amount of punishment or money will ever bring back your son or daughter, the wrongful death of your child should not go without bringing a claim against the drunk driver (or other responsible party who had a hand in the alcohol-related accident).

Additionally, families of Georgia drunk driving victims only have a limited amount of time to bring a wrongful death case against the drunk driver. There are statutes of limitations which limit the amount of time to bring a claim for a loss. This is why it is never too early to contact an attorney following a wrongful death.

For help understanding the Georgia wrongful death statute of limitations, or to learn more about the criminal and civil suit process, call a caring Atlanta DUI victim lawyer for help building your case against the drunk driver. You can reach the Law Offices of Shane Smith today at 770-HURT-999 or (866) 979-1629 to receive a free consultation. We can also provide you with a complimentary copy of our book, I Was Hit by a Drunk Driver: What Do I Do Next? The Guide for Victims of Georgia Drunk Driving Accidents.

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